Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire Me for your Immigration Matters

Seven Reasons Why You Should Hire Me for Your Immigration Matters

First, see my client testimonials here.

Reason No. 1:  I am member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (  This means that I associate with and communicate with the best immigration lawyers in the country on a regular basis.  I am also a member of the national International Medical Graduate Task Force.

Reason No. 2:  I am always available by cell phone.  This means that you can – and should — contact me at any time with your concerns.  Your key employees whose visas and petitions we are processing can call me also, at any time.

Reason No. 3:  I use InsZoom, which is state-of-the-art immigration software.  This means that important information is entered in a sophisticated database which makes information gathering and form preparation less stressful for you.

Reason No. 4:  I have been a lawyer since 1989.  This means that with over two decades of experience and success I have the drive and focus to handle your matters with the highest competence.

Reason No. 5:  I normally handle immigration cases on a flat fee.  This means that you – or your valued employee – can contact me without being concerned about running up bills.

Reason No. 6:  I attended U.C. Berkeley, one of the finest universities in the country, and U.C. Hastings, one of the best law schools in the West.   This means that I have demonstrated academic excellence and can apply that drive to handling your important legal matters.

Reason No. 7:   For business visas I only represent government and institutional clients.  This means that I am sensitive to how organizations function and am able to work within your organizational structure to make the legal process easier for you.