Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

[Required Disclaimer:  Under Rule 7.1 of the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct, the following information is important:  The specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case are different.  Past performance is not a guarantee of success or similar results in other matters.]

Very helpful.

Adam King was very helpful with getting me through the immigration process, I would recommend him to others in need.

-Ernst D’Agnalo-Villan, Painter, Hailey, Idaho


One of the most professional people I’ve ever met.

I would say that Adam is one of the most professional People I’ve met. Adam is a lawyer who is going to deal with problems with solutions. Adam is also a lawyer that is going to uphold integrity and relationship first and foremost. On top of being a good man he is also extremely intelligent and technically sound.

-Stephen White, Solu Publishing, Inc., Ketchum, Idaho


Understands the needs of a small business owner.

“When we first met Adam over 15 years ago, my husband and I were a couple of 20-Somethings, trying to make a life and support our family in the Wood River Valley.  Over the years, Adam has helped us map out our future by drawing up our personal wills, negotiating the purchase and sale of several businesses, forming a corporation and LLC, advising us on commercial leases both as a landlord and tenant, and successfully winning a sizeable judgment against a homeowner who failed to pay us for work performed. Adam understands the needs of a small business owner and has consistently helped us navigate the waters of self-employment and grow into successful 40-Somethings.  We appreciate his ability to see the big picture of what we have tried to create for ourselves personally and professionally. He is reliable, responsive, trustworthy and easy to work with. We highly recommend Adam as he has always done a great job for us no matter how big or small the task.”

-Jeff and Chrissy Smith, Aqua Pro Spa & Pool, Inc., Boise, Idaho

An excellent communicator.

“Adam has all the qualities you would want in an attorney handling your case. He helped me with my first H1-B petition. He is reliable, dependable, easily reachable, professional, knowledgeable, and provides thoroughly researched responses such that even a novice would understand. He is an excellent communicator and does a great job of keeping everyone in the loop. His confidence and calm temperament is really assuring throughout the process. H1-Bs in healthcare is like finding water in the desert and he did a fabulous job putting everything together in spite of the whole lottery issue this year. I will definitely recommend him to my friends”.

-Rahul Jathar, Business Analyst, HealthPoint Community Health Centers, Seattle, Washington

Timely and thorough.

“Mr. King is timely and thorough with analysis, advice and follow up. He communicates the legal and practical aspects of legal conflicts in a very comprehensive and understandable manner. He appreciates the risk/benefit ratio of each decision made.”

-Kimberly A. Vorse, MD, Ketchum, Idaho

I would highly recommend him to anyone.

“Adam King is very professional, knowledgeable, and gave a great amount of personal attention to my case involving my wife’s probate of her will.  I appreciated his time to explain exactly what would happen and how quickly he was able to resolve all issues with her probate.  He was both sincere and kind in letting me know how the process worked and what I could expect and his sympathy in my loss was a great comfort.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a professional and personal representative during the trying time of a loved one passing.”

-Robert Pate, Atkinson’s Market, Ketchum, Idaho

His legal research is comprehensive and timely.

“I worked with Attorney Adam King when I was the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Sun Valley, Idaho.  Adam King is smart, articulate and well-thought out.  His legal research is comprehensive and timely; he presents viable alternatives and is solution–oriented.  I found Adam to be a good listener and very respectful of cost control.  He has a good sense of humor and keeps perspective.”

-Virginia Egger, Town Manager, Avon, Colorado

Clear and to the point.

“Adam King is very responsive when a request is made and has in depth knowledge of pertinent issues.  His written responses are clearly written, to the point, and easily understood by the lay person.  He has a very engaging personality and is an excellent listener.  Adam quickly understands the issues.  I would highly recommend Adam King as a very effective attorney.”

-Jack Haase, President, Fairway Nine II HOA, Sun Valley, Idaho


Timely, concise, and considerate.

“Adam King is a kind man and a compassionate lawyer. He has been our lawyer (Pioneer Montessori School) for over 5 years and his response to our calls is always timely, concise, and considerate.”

-Taryn Smith, Director, Pioneer Montessori School, Ketchum, Idaho

Competent, diligent, courteous, and knowledgeable.

“Adam King is a competent, diligent, courteous, and knowledgeable attorney; civil and pleasant to work with, he is a good person.”

-Lt. Col. Ret. Reginald R. Reeves, Sun Valley, Idaho

Competent and well-versed.

“Adam is competent and well-versed in the legalities of local governments.  He has represented us well and is an asset to Mountain Rides.”

-Jason Miller, Executive Director, Mountain Rides Transportation Agency, Ketchum, Idaho


He knows his stuff.

“Adam is a very approachable, up-beat and considerate person who is easy to converse with.  Professionally he knows his stuff and if he runs across anything that he hasn’t seen in his career, he is a great researcher who is tenacious in getting the right answer for you.  Personally I really like him and he is someone I would hang out with and go have a beer.”

-John Blackman, Assistant Superintendent, Blaine County School District, Hailey, Idaho


A good lawyer.

“I believe he is a good lawyer, as he helped me and attended to everything very efficiently.  I like him as a person.  I think he is very honest, and we have a good relationship.”

-Luis Avila, Seattle, Washington

Adam is an excellent attorney.

“I have known Adam King for over 10 years.    Adam is an excellent attorney who I have referred clients to over the years who have been satisfied with his services. “

-Tim Thomas, CPA, Ketchum, Idaho


A terrific mind, keen intellect, and common sense.

“Adam King is an excellent attorney who co-chaired an important trial in Hailey with me. He has a terrific mind, keen intellect and common sense.  I highly recommend Adam as a source for resolving business problems which require a lawyer.  Adam knows the Sun Valley community and is a great referral source for people in need of services, not just legal.”

-Christian F. Dubia, Jr. Partner, California Trial Department Co-Head, Dorsey & Whitney, LLP, Newport Beach, California

I have appreciated all of his knowledge and work.

“Adam has helped me to interpret documents for many of my HOA’s.

I have appreciated all of his knowledge and work that he has provided.”

-Sheri Thomas, Property Manager, Hailey, Idaho

I would highly recommend him.

“Adam King’s articulate and eloquent use of language is exceptional, even for an attorney. I witnessed that, combined with his powerful personality, when he handled a difficult situation for me last summer. Without Adam’s skillful handling of another attorney, a Homeowner’s Association President, I would not have bought my house. Adam also helped me with other legal issues last year, and I would highly recommend him.”

-Linda Dennis Richmond, Blaine County, Idaho


Excellent, timely legal service.

“Adam King is an expert attorney in immigration law who provides excellent, timely legal service to our organization.”

-Cathy Silak, Esq., Idaho Supreme Court Justice Ret., Dean, Concordia University Law School, Boise, Idaho


“With efficiency and professionalism.

“Adam handled a visa application for one of our employees in a fairly exclusive and hard to obtain category and did so with efficiency and professionalism.  We were most grateful with the fact that once Adam took over management of the matter, we no longer had to worry about the matter.  We knew it would be handled and had confidence the application would be successful.  I responded to a few document requests but was otherwise able to put the visa application out of my mind and move on to other matters, trusting in Adam’s expertise to carry the day.  Ultimately, the visa application was successful and we continue to be grateful for the time and energy Adam was able to save the Trey McIntyre Project by supplying his expertise.”

-Brian Aune, General Counsel, Trey McIntyre Project, Boise, Idaho


Reliable, accurate, and works for his client.

“Adam King is reliable, accurate, and works for his client.  Added bonuses–

he is approachable, reachable, and customizes responses for clarity for

individuals and for larger groups.  In summation, he’s an experienced and

good City Attorney.”

-Bart Bingham, Planner, City of Carey, Idaho

Adam is the kind of lawyer you would like to have working with you.

“Adam King is a very competent lawyer with expertise in immigration issues. He is the kind of professional you would like to have working with you. Adam is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, easy to approach, very resourceful and a good listener. Timeliness and efficiency are important components of his work philosophy. I would recommend him without reservations to anyone who might require his legal services.”

-Julio Vasquez, M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon, Portneuf Medical Center, Pocatello, Idaho

Adam always responds promptly to my inquiries. I highly recommend him.

“Adam is very knowledgeable about matters of immigration. He was successful in helping us to sponsor one of our employees for PERM residency. Adam always responds promptly to my inquiries. I knew that I could trust all the details to him and he would be sure we did the correct things at the appropriate time. I highly recommend him.”

-Debbie Kerns, Director of Human Resources, Kootenai Medical Center, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Adam has been a great resource for us.

“We always enjoy working with Adam. He has always been very responsive and his expertise in the field of immigration has been a great resource for us.”

-Jim Schwering, Senior Vice President of Operations, TeamHealth/Northwest Hospital Medicine Physicians, Seattle, Washington


Attorney King’s follow-through relieves the stress that accompanies this process.

“Attorney King has helped us with several immigration processes over the past many years. His expertise has provided smooth and concise steps as we navigate through the requirements. Adam provides insightful and meaningful guidance and his pro-active, professional demeanor provide stability and reassurance that all the details will be handled in a timely manner. Attorney King also maintains excellent follow-through that relieves the stress that can accompany this process. I highly recommend Attorney King and appreciate what he provides. He is great!”

-Sherry Hartman, PHR, MBA, Director of Human Resources, Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho

Adam kept me updated and clearly explained my options. I definitely recommend him.

“I have been very happy with Adam. He was very available when I needed him. Adam explained the steps I needed to take for my application and kept me updated with the process along the way. He provided information on the best course of action and he clearly explained all my options. I definitely recommend him as I do when someone asks me.”

-Daniele Tonina, PhD, Professor of Hydrology, University of Idaho, Boise, Idaho


We would not have our excellent doctors and technical people were it not for Adam.

“Adam has been very helpful in our efforts to work with employees coming from outside of this country. We work with doctors and technical people who have excellent skills that we would not be able to utilize if it were not for Adam’s successful navigation of the immigration process.”

-Tara Preston, H.R. Coordinator, Bingham Memorial Hospital, Blackfoot, Idaho

Attorney King answers my concerns and queries. He’s nice and approachable.

“Attorney King is good at his job. He did his best to get my Labor Certification and I-140 approved. Attorney King is nice and approachable. He answers my concerns and queries by phone or by email. Plus he is open to suggestions and listens to his clients’ ideas.”

-Johmel Pelobello, Certified Laboratory Scientist, Benewah Community Hospital, St. Maries, Idaho


Adam is a good lawyer, analytical, handles matters with dispatch.” 

“I have known Adam for about ten years.  Since we are both lawyers we speak the same lingo.  Adam is a good lawyer, analytical, handles matters with dispatch, and has good language usage.  As president of my homeowners association I have called on him for legal services and consistently pleased with his work.  He is an excellent father to his two daughters and that always speaks well of a man.”

-Dan Riviera, Esq., Ketchum, Idaho

I was immediately impressed with his organizational skills and professional approach.

“The first thing that came to my mind about Adam King is that I want him on my side.  I met Adam about twelve years ago when the insurance company for one of the homeowner’s associations I manage sought his services to represent the association and to help settle a claim.  I was immediately impressed with his organizational skills and professional approach.  I knew we were in good hands.  To that point I had used another law firm for all of the associations I manage.  I switched all of them over to Adam.  I have gotten to know Adam both professionally and personally over the years.  I have always felt confident when he handled matters for us.  When one lives in a resort community as I do, you learn a community is only as good as the people who live and work there.  Adam is one of the good people.”

-Randy Flynn, Mather Capital, Ketchum, Idaho


Concise and follows through to make sure things are completed on time.

“Adam King has always been very responsive to the needs of the Blaine County school District.  His billing practices have always been fair and I have not felt like I needed to question the time spent.  Adam is concise and follows through to make sure things are completed on time.”

-Mike Chatterton, Business Manager, Blaine County School District, Hailey, Idaho


He is smart, practical and expert in his approach and knowledge.

“I have known Adam for many years.  We have worked together on projects.  He is smart, practical and expert in his approach and knowledge.  He cannot be categorized as a local-only lawyer.  He is a go-to lawyer on the complexities of community representation and on matters arising beyond the confines of Ketchum.”

-Russell Case, Esq., Boise, Idaho


Adam treats and responds to me as if I’m his only client.

“Adam treats and responds to me as if I’m his only client.  My company located in Ketchum manages over 25 homeowner associations and he provides legal advice on 100% of them.  Although small in comparison to his other responsibilities he assures me each time that my company is important.  He makes me “look good” to my clients.”

-Anne M. Jacobi, President, PioneerWest Property Management LLC, Ketchum, Idaho


Works well with others to achieve a satisfying result.

“I have used Mr. King’s legal acumen on several occasions.  He has consistently proven himself to be an attorney with detailed knowledge of the law, yet always willing to seek further consultation from another if it involves an unfamiliar area.  Unusually well-spoken and conciliatory in approach, he works well with others to achieve a satisfying result while avoiding confrontations with resulting and expensive delays.

“I switched to Adam from a local attorney who was frequently unavailable in part due to an overzealous staff, partly due to his focus on his personal pursuits.  One of Mr. King’s greatest attributes is his availability that goes far beyond normal office hours; he clearly recognizes that his client’s well-being comes before his own leisure activities.  As to his fees, they are certainly within the range of what constitutes usual and customary in Idaho.”

                    -Gary Hoffman, M.D., Ketchum, Idaho


 “The ability to put his clients at ease and provide expert solutions.”

“Adam King is knowledgeable, concise and personable attorney who has both the ability to put his clients at ease and provide expert solutions to difficult legal situations. He is a pleasure to work with and effective. That is rare combination in profession that often only produces one or the other.”

                    -Tory Taglio, Ketchum, Idaho


I was impressed by Adam King’s work for our Condo Association.

“In regards to Adam’s performance as an attorney, I am struck by several key elements one probably wants in hiring an attorney:

  • Adam is about getting straight to the business at hand.

  • Billing is appropriate for his time. He helped to keep us on task while we were in his office.

  • Adam’s knowledge of Idaho Condominium associations needs (such as helping to re-write our CC&R’s and bring them up to date).

  • Adam is polite and to the point, but very much about the business at hand. I was very impressed by Adam keeping our time together to the point and well spent.

  • I was quite impressed by Adam King’s work for our Condo association.”

-Nesbit Hatch, Hailey, Idaho


Calm, steady and an amazingly good grasp of the issues involved.

             -Peter Dinkelspiel, Esq., Orinda, California


A good understanding on current affairs in our community.

“I refer clients to Adam all the time. He is a trusted advisor meaning I know if it is not in his expertise he will forward the client to a professional in that field. He is very knowledgeable in all fields of law.  I find Adam to have a good understanding on current affairs in our community.  He is an advocate for Immigrants and is an expert on immigration law.  Detail oriented and able to multitask!!  Adam responds quickly to referrals and inquires.”

            -Ken Nelson, Branch Manager, Bank of the West, Ketchum, Idaho

“Professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

Attorney Adam King is not the first immigration attorney that I have worked with, but he definitely by far is the most efficient and most approachable attorney I’ve ever seen. He helped me with my work visa [H] transfer under a very short notice and a great time constraint and he managed to get it approved successfully. To put it in a simple way, his help basically enables me to land on my ideal job; otherwise I might lose it. Besides being a professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy immigration attorney, Attorney King cares about his clients and maintains an open communication channel with his clients, which are not something you can get at other places. I will definitely recommend Attorney King’s services to anyone who needs them.

            -Ning Han, J.D., LLM, Law Librarian, Concordia University, Boise, Idaho


Adam was very easy to communicate and work with.”

“Woodmont Condo Homeowners Association, used Adam King to successfully update our 1970’s CCR’ s, by-laws, and other legal documents to current Idaho State condo codes and rules.  This was accomplished over multiple meetings, with easy updates, corrections and finalizations for our board presentation.  Several were face to face and the others by phone conference.  Adam was very easy to communicate and work with.  He was also recommended by my employer’s legal counsel, and proved to be extremely knowledgeable in Condo law.  He also led us through an owner/insurance issue and it was very helpful to have our completed and filed documents.  I would recommend Adam King for legal work, especially for a Homeowner Association in Idaho.”

            –Tom Hanson, Hailey, Idaho

Adam is very professional and on point.

He answers all of your immigration questions and works very quickly.”

            -Kenia Grimes, Registered Nurse, Ketchum, Idaho


Quick, clear, and constructive feedback.

“I am very happy to share my testimony in terms of Mr. Adam King’s exemplary performance.  Attorney Adam King is a trustworthy and efficient professional.  Whenever I had any questions or concerns, Mr. King always offered quick, clear and constructive feedback that effectively addressed the issues.  As a remote client working with Mr. King, I am very satisfied with his professionalism.

            -Meizhen Chen, Instructional Designer, Concordia University, Portland, Oregon

Always gets us to the finish line in time and on budget.

Adam King is a wonderful attorney who has partnered with Concordia University to provide excellent legal advice and effective customer service.   Adam is experienced, well connected and clearly understands what we need and then always gets us to the finish line in time and on budget.

            -Mark Wahlers, Provost, Concordia University, Portland, Oregon


Adam does not waste time.  He responds quickly and decisively.

My wife and I retained Adam to obtain a green card for her.  I’m a lawyer but knew nothing about this complicated and often unpredictable area of Federal law.  We found Adam to be very professional.  Adam does not waste time, he responds quickly and decisively.  He knows the landscape and explains the procedures and pitfalls involved in the process.  We worked very hard to comply with all requirements in a timely fashion but still encountered odd responses from Homeland Security.  Adam was attentive and always active in solving problems.  Adam also added a nice touch one doesn’t normally see in legal practice: he truly cared.  We both appreciated that.   

            -Michael Cortese, Real Estate Developer, Ketchum, Idaho

Great and competent.

I had a very good experience with Adam, he is a great, competent attorney and very easy to work with.   He filed a PERM petition on a very tight deadline, and it was promptly approved.

            -Dr. Sushila Arya, OB/GYN, Blackfoot, Idaho

It was that easy.”

Adam handled my H1B request and the work I had to do from my end was very minimal. He told me precisely what documents to submit and all I had to do was fill the web application and send the scanned copies to him. It was that easy.

            -Professor Tharanga Wijetunge, Professor of Mathematics, Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas


Tremendous follow-up skills, great track record.

  • Very Timely

  • Organized

  • Adam has tremendous follow-up skills

  • Very intelligent and understands work visa law very well.

  • He is an expert working with visa candidates

  • Works diligently to ensure the hospital and candidate meet the necessary requirements.

  • He is able to ensure both the hospital and the physician know exactly what forms to fill out and sign in order to be compliant.

  • Explains the process thoroughly and in a way that is understandable to the hospital and the candidate.

  • Always willing to answer his phone or respond to emails.  Which he never charges for.

  • He works closely with the legislature to help expand Idaho’s approvals for work visas to include more specialties.

  • Takes time to meet with us on a regular basis to provide new rules, go over existing rules, and ensure anyone new to our team understands the process.

  • Great communicator and easy to get a hold of.

  • Very efficient and respects the hospital and candidate’s time.

  • Has very reasonable rates to complete a lot of paperwork on behalf of the hospital and the candidate.

  • Just an overall great guy and each and every visa candidate we have worked on, Adam has been a gem to work with.

  • I believe he has gotten each and every candidate we have presented to him approved.  What a great track record!

                     -Jake Erickson, Bingham Memorial Hospital, Blackfoot, Idaho

A real professional.

If someone were to ask me about Adam King, I would tell them he is a real professional immigration attorney, and very helpful. I will recommend him to anyone who has immigration issues. Thanks to Adam I got my work visa.

            -Alex Wang, Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas